Monday, September 6, 2010

drink of the day

apple sauce
1oz of cinnamon schnapps
1oz apple pucker
splash pineapple
served chilled in a shot

A Time I Almost Got Fired

Once upon a time, I was working at a bar in Michigan. I was serving a party of thirty people who were executives for a well known automotive company. They were ordering rounds of shots every half hour or so, in the jager bomb type classification. I had a rather large section and I was not paying much attention to what the party was up to. I knew that they were all pretty much intoxicated after the first hour at my table. I offered them a variety of appetizers hopping that they would calm down a little if they ate something. They were quite the rambunctious group of drunken people. I really did not have plans to cut them off like I normally would have, due to the fact that their bill was already in the upwards of two thousand dollars and I knew it would be auto-gratted.
My boss walked into my section in the middle of this tornado of drunkenness that I had created. He kept telling me that he could smell vomit in my section. I denied that it was even a possibility, I told him that all of my tables were good and that I had it under control. The next thing I knew, my boss had found the vomit and total chaos had erupted in my section.
My table of thirty had turned into a shit show that was that could be matched by none. These grown ass adult men had lost all inhibitions and some of them had lost control of their bodily functions. It was like a domino effect, my boss was yelling at me to clean up the puke off of my table. As I started to clean up the puke, two more had vomited. One of the guys from my table had walked onto the dance floor, kicked a broom out of the bouncer’s hand, and then proceeded to piss his pants in front of the entire bar. So, I was getting yelled at yet again, but this time my bosses face was a color of reddish purple that I had never seen. No shit, at the same time the bouncer comes running up to me telling me that I need to go into the ladies restroom. As I approached the door I took a deep breath, I didn’t even want to see what was going on in there. I pushed open the door to a vomit fest that looked like a scene straight off of the exorcist. There were three ladies crying and two projectile puking on the floor, totally missing the trash can. It was awful. At this point my boss was so pissed that he just stopped talking. This is about the time I started crying.
My section was not just this thirty top, at the same time I was serving two eight tops and a fifteen top. So I, with the help of our entire staff shuffled these business men and women to their designated taxis and out of the building. I then proceeded to clean up the disaster and serve the rest of my section. I had to take orders for the remaining two hours of my shift crying, with vomit on my legs. It was horrible.
At the end of the night I was sure I no longer had a job. I did have an eight hundred dollar tip in my pocket to make the news a little more bearable. I was taken to the office where my boss said to me, “Lisa, we are letting you go”. I lost it and asked him if he was serious. He then preceded to un-fire me and wrote me up for blatantly over serving a party of thirty. Needless to say I learnt my lesson on that day; realizing that as a server or bartender you can never trust anyone to cut themselves off. Even the richest of business men get shit faced and turn into drunken fools. Thank you to all of the restaurant and bar managers who have ever let me slide on even the biggest offenses, I have had a few, and I appreciate the fact that I have never been fired from a bartending job. xoxoxo