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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Drink recipe of the day

The Happy Ending:
1oz of absinthe
1 oz goldschlager

Come one come all!!!!

Hello to all!!
My Name is Lisa and I have been a bartender and or server for most of my working life. I have ventured off into other fields of interest, but I always find may way back to bar tending and serving. I am starting this blog for all of the other people on the planet like me, who cannot stay away. Every good bartender has a million great stories, and I would like to hear them all. I will blog every week on a new topic or story from my past and or present work experiences.I would love it if other bartenders would post their stories as well. I would also like to use this blog to share drink recipes and advice for fellow bartenders. I now currently work in San Diego at Dick's Last Resort. The stories are always great, it is truly one of the funnest serving jobs that I have had. I plan on traveling out of the country very soon and bar tending along the way. I will blog again soon. xoxoxo Lisa

Give me your sad, funny, sexual, and bad ass bar tending/serving stories and I will give you mine:)